ISO9001:2008 Certification


 The Quality Management System adopted by NTR Ltd has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) to ISO 9001:2008.

 The scope of our approval covers the:

 “Storage, supply and delivery of genuine, original and replacement spare parts and accessories for vehicles manufactured by Land Rover.”
 LRQA audit our Quality Management System on a regular basis to ensure that we are meeting the requirements of ISO9001:2008 and to confirm that we are monitoring our own targets and achievements accordingly. This includes commercial targets, customer relations, and internal improvements both in productivity and systems.

 Authorised European Parts Distributor for Land Rover

In 2005, NTR became an official European Parts Distributor for Land Rover. This was as a result of the “Block Exemption” legislation introduced by the European government in 2004.

What this means for NTR customers within Europe is that you can buy Genuine Land Rover parts from NTR at similar price levels to your local main dealer parts distributor, with the added benefit of being able to order in bulk and have your parts delivered alongside your OE and quality aftermarket parts. 

By ordering your Genuine stock through NTR: 

  • You have access to both the Land Rover stock holding and the NTR fast moving Genuine parts stockholding
  • You reduce the need to rely on your local distributors
  • You can significantly reduce transportation and handling costs

NTR offer this Genuine parts service to European customers only.

NTR actively promote and encourage the use of Land Rovers for fleet, trade, military, relief and recreational purposes.